WATCH: Democratic Congressman SLAMS GOP Over Gun Laws: ‘When Will Enough Be Enough?’ (VIDEO)

Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings (D) knows how to get attention. When addressing the lack of legislative action on gun violence, Hastings posed a very valid question to the House on Thursday.

When will enough be enough?

I fear it’s going to take more for ammosexuals to realize the importance of gun control, and this is why: Republicans have done a great job spreading lies and  manifesting this ridiculous notion in people’s heads that gun legislation is a way for President Obama to take everyone’s guns. Even though that is completely asinine.

Hasting’s, a gun owner himself, points out just how ridiculous this idea is:

There are some people in our society who believe that somebody is going to come and take their guns. That’s foolish, and we need to stop this madness. Doing nothing in the face of all this epidemic violence that we are experiencing allows that not only is this House dysfunctional… but it is frozen.

Hastings is right, no one is coming for your guns, and if Republicans put half as much effort into protecting the people as they do fear mongering,  there would be far fewer massacres. It’s time to act and everyone knows it.

Watch Hasting’s passionate speech, below:

Featured image via video screen shot

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