Watch: Delusional Trump Stuns CNN Host By Claiming He Can Win Over Minorities (VIDEO)

Following Donald Trump’s victory in South Carolina, CNN’s Jake Tapper interview with the clear Republican front runner showed just how delusional Trump truly is. Tapper questioned Trump on whether or not he had the ability to win over minorities, seeing as how has gained massive support from white supremacists.

Tapper pointed  out that quite a few Republican leaders don’t see Trump gaining enough support from minorities needed for a GOP victory. And for good reason. Trump he has gained overwhelming support from xenophobic, sexist, racists groups who like his message. Trump is even guilty of re-tweeting some of his white supremacists fans – although he denies it.

Again with Tapper, Trump totally dismissed the claim that he has posted such tweets and stated that he has no idea about white supremacists groups supporting him. Really? Stevie Wonder sees that sh*t and Trump flat out denies it? It would have been much better to acknowledge it and state that you don’t share the same views as those groups, but we know that would’ve been an even bigger lie.

Trump insists he is doing much better among minorities than people are giving him credit for and that he has the ability to put states in play that Republicans have never dreamed of. Talk about delusional! If he is this out of touch with reality, then this is just one more reason why Trump is incapable of being our president.

Watch CNN clip below:

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