WATCH: Darrell Hammond Returns To SNL To Hilariously Kick Off Hillary’s Campaign (VIDEO)

SNL has a 40 year tradition of spoofing our nation’s leaders. This week, new met old with current cast member and rising star Kate McKinnon doing her sometimes “too spot on” Hillary Clinton character, and former cast member Darrell Hammond reviving his classic Bill Clinton character. The combination is comedy gold!

In the “cold opening” this week, the setting is the Clinton home in upstate New York. Mrs Clinton is with a campaign adviser played by the talented Vanessa Bayer. The two are preparing to put out her official announcement on social media and take some attempts at recording that announcement. And that’s where the laughs begin.

After a couple failed attempts Bill enters the scene and takes everything up a notch, comedy wise. The skit spoofs everything from Hillary’s wardrobe to Bill’s reputation as a skirt chaser. Hammond’s return is a most welcome compliment to McKinnon’s character and hopefully this will be just the 1st of many cameos by the former cast member.

Watch HERE:

As a bonus, take a walk back in time and check out Dan Ackroyd’s legendary Jimmy Carter spoof:

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