Watch Dan Savage Tear Apart Ann Coulter’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Love Affair With Trump Right To Her Face

It’s the year 2016 and Ann Coulter still has a job (or whatever you call it) and gets invited to say horribly ignorant and deliberately inflammatory things on news shows. So naturally she vigoriously supports Donald Trump for president.

Since Bill Maher is somehow convinced that Coulter can contribute anything remotely interesting – or perhaps just enjoys watching her go down in flames – she appeared on last night’s edition of Real Time. But also appearing on the show was sex columnist Dan Savage, whose last name is very fitting. Not surprisingly, the two butted heads during Friday’s panel discussionAs you can imagine, Savage savagely called out Coulter on her virulently anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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Why do we want to throw these 11 million people out of the country?” Savage asked at one point. “They contribute more to our economy than they take out; they pay more in taxes than they receive in services; illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes per capita.

Confronted with facts, Coulter shot back with her usual weak arguments and unverifiable facts.

All of that is untrue, Coulter responded. Those are false facts. Not only are they false facts, but if they are true facts then you need to go and elect people who will change the laws.

But Savage was not going to just roll over and let this vile pretend human feel validated. Instead, he smacked the smug right off her smug face!

But your rationale for building this wall is bullsh*t, Savage shot back

Coulter later claimed that the “American people” are supporting Trump by voting for him. Which led to Savage’s best line of the night:

No, the GOP base — which is overwhelmingly rubes, idiots, sexists, racists — are overwhelmingly voting for Trump.

Well said.

Watch the heated exchange below:


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