WATCH Dallas Mayor Drop Truth Bomb On GOP: ‘I’m More Afraid Of Armed White Men Than Refugees’ (VIDEO)

The Mayor of Dallas is pushing back against Republican fear mongering about Syrian refugees while simultaneously calling them out about the kind of terrorism they inflict on America every day.

I am more fearful of large gatherings of white men that come into schools, theaters and shoot people up, but we don’t isolate young white men on this issue.

Finally someone is starting to make this case in a public way, and taking the argument right to the Republicans’ own doorstep.

Mayor Rawlings is 100 percent correct. We have had far more cases of homegrown, white, right-wing terrorism in America than we have had of Syrian refugees conducting terrorism.

Hint: We have had zero cases of Syrian refugees conducting terrorism.

Right Wing Terrorist Attacks In America, Photo: New America Foundation

Right Wing Terrorist Attacks In America, Photo: New America Foundation

Anti-government and white supremacist rhetoric is never discussed by Republicans, because these people are their actual voting base. Every time Democrats try to talk about it, Republicans and the NRA start screaming that they are going to come take your guns. Republicans simply make it impossible to do anything, or even to talk about these problems.

Mayor Rawlings continued on to say he is willing to welcome refugees into his city, saying that it is the “spirit of Dallas” to do so.

The safety of Dallasities is paramount in his mind and [the Governor’s] mind as well. We want to get rid of ISIS. We all agree with that. ISIS wants us to be divided on this issue. ISIS wants us to demonize these refugees, wants us to alienate these children.

Watch Mayor Rawlings’ interview with MSNBC below:

Featured Image via MSNBC screen capture

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