Watch: Cry Baby Oregon Militant In Diaper Challenges Christie To Sumo Match (VIDEO)

We all know the Oregon Militants are a bunch of whiny a$$ babies, but this really cements that idea.

The militants have added another crazy to their group, only this one is wearing a diaper. An Idaho man, by the name of Kelly Gneitling,  has joined the armed occupation of a federal nature preserve and has challenged New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to a sumo wrestling match because he was butt-hurt over Christie’s criticizing of the militants. In a weird joking way, he refers to Christie as his little brother.

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You know what I want to see? I want to see you come over here and disperse me, your older brother, in the dojo. Woo-hoo, little Christie!

Gneitling was very animated, thigh slaps and all, when he challenged The New Jersey Gov. to “throw on a diaper” and “go to war over  the Constitution”. He gripped his substantial girth and states that he and the governor were similar in body frame, and even suggested that Christie might be even larger.

Bring that big ol’ belly over here, and let’s slap bellies.  I’m talking about 10 bouts — you win one out of those 10, and me and these other good, constitutional folk — I’m going to make them sumo wrestlers, too — all these good, constitutional folk, we’ll disperse. But if I win all 10, I get to roll you down the stairs in that sleeping bag again. Woo-hoo, little Christie!

We don’t expect anything sane to come out of their mouth, but this can’t be helping their image.

Check out the hot mess below:

Featured image via video screenshot

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