WATCH: Congressman Says Pot Will Be Legal Nationwide In 5 Years (VIDEO)

If the premonition offered by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D. – Oregon) is correct, then here’s some investment advice for you: buy stock in Doritos and Jaffa Cakes. The sales of those and other classic maryjane munchies could skyrocket within the next five years, which is how long Blumenauer says it’ll be before marijuana is legalized on the national level.

In an April 29 interview with The Hill’s Molly Hooper, while activists were lobbying Congress on the subject, Blumenauer said:

I think the decriminalization train has left the station. […] I fully expect within the next five years that it will be rescheduled or delisted, and I think we will have a system where states around the country will be able to do what they want with marijuana, and I think this is going to be all over within five years.

The wide partisanship separating the current congressional session is limited to big issues, and not ones like marijuana, Blumenauer offered. It’s a bipartisan issue, too, he says.

There are lots of young Libertarian Republicans who are helping lead this charge.

And to jump on that train, this week Blumenauer will introduce an amendment regarding marijuana to other legislation, he told The Hill.

Veterans who live in states where medical marijuana is legal would have the right to talk to their VA doctor about it.

Here’s the video of his interview:

Currently, only Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington legally allow recreational use of the herb, along with the District of Columbia. At least five other states (including some of the 18 that allow medical use only) should have legalization on the 2016 ballots, Governing Magazine recently projected.

Featured image: The Hill

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