WATCH: Comedian D.L. Hughley Explains Baltimore, ‘You’ll Never See A #BlackLivesMatter T-Shirt At A GOP Convention’ (VIDEO)

Comedian and political commentator D.L. Hughley verbally tussled with author Dan Senor on Real Time with Bill Maher over the argument Senor made about the recent events in Baltimore not being racial related – because most of the city’s officials have been black for the past couple of decades. Senor bluntly asks:

How is this a racial issue?

Hughley immediately counter-argued that the events in Baltimore were a part of a more extensive issue happening within our nation.

I’ll explain Baltimore if you explain the entire Southern region of the country… This is what you don’t get. I’m not saying what happened in Baltimore is a racial issue, I’m saying what happens across America is a racial issue,” Hughley argues.

He then mentions that if officers would have just treated Freddie Gray like a “human being” when he asked for assistance, no one would be going to court and Gray would not be dead.

As he receives praise from the audience for his honesty, the comedian says to Senor and host Bill Maher:

You know what you’ll never see at a Republican convention? You’ll never see a ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt. “You’ll never see it. It’ll never happen, because it’s almost like that happens somewhere else beside the country we live in.

Hughley then continues to clear things up for conservatives, who believe that the current behaviors demonstrated in Baltimore are tied to the “deterioration” of black families (referring to the way black single mothers raise their children).

The thing that drives these riots is still lack of opportunity, impoverished schools, community divestment,” he explained. “Yes, our family [dynamic] has changed, but the idea that we are ‘less than’ has not,” Hughley explains.

D.L Hughley could not be anymore accurate on this discussion. Let’s face it… to Republicans diversity is just another four-letter word. Senor and his cult of conservatives will never get it-not because they don’t understand it, but because they don’t want to.

Watch Friday’s segment of Real Time with Bill Maher below:


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