WATCH: College Kids Offer To Give $4M To Charity If Trump Can Prove He Doesn’t Have A Tiny D*ck (VIDEO)

When you seek public office in America, your entire life goes under the microscope. Your upbringing, education, background history, financial information and just about everything else a person may consider private becomes public knowledge. Sometimes it seems a little over the top, but hey — if these people want to represent the public interest their lives need to be as public as possible.

Where does it stop? After Marco Rubio made a comment implying that Donald Trump’s tiny hands meant he was inadequate…elsewhere, Trump couldn’t help but fire back. While Rubio’s remark was a passing joke on the campaign trail, Trump found it serious enough to respond on national television during a live debate. The Donald said he “guarantee(s) there’s no problem there.”

College Humor’s Facebook page lit up with laughter after they released a video full of skepticism over the size of Donald Trump’s penis. In their defense, their entire mission is to post funny stuff, so when Trump took the low road and decided to defend the size of his junk like a high school kid rather than calling Marco out for being a childish brat, he opened himself up for the kind of ridicule this video very effectively delivers.

Watch Donald Trump’s humiliation grow like an erection below:

Featured image by Gage Skidmore

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