Watch Colin Powell Give The Best Response To When Someone Calls Obama A Muslim (VIDEO)

Can you believe that we’re seven years into the Obama presidency and sh*tkickers still think he’s a covert Muslim? It’s better to think that than a half-breed Muslim, as we certainly cannot have a piece of silk occupying the oval office. But in all seriousness, can’t these miserably uninformed xenophobic racists find a hobby other than Baracknaphobia?

It was roughly seven years ago when former Secretary of State Colin Powell, one of the few Republicans left with a functioning frontal lobe, appeared on Meet the Press to address the accusation of President Obama being a Muslim.  Moreover, members of the GOP then claiming that he was somehow unfit to be president. Personally, I’ve always suspected President Obama to be a secret atheist — a far more dangerous persuasion in the eyes of today’s Christo-fascist GOP.

Following attempts from the GOP to trump (yeah, I made that pun) up Islamophobia and racism, Powell’s remarks from seven years ago are even more relevant today.

Watch Colin Powell’s impressive appearance below:


Featured image via screen capture

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