Watch: Colbert’s Epic Sendoff For John Boehner: ‘Zippity Doo Bye’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but have himself a grand old-time at the expense of John Boehner, whom he says will be going back to his job as “the Great Pumpkin” when he resigns from Congress on October 30.

Boehner has cited several reasons for his departure, like. . . his visit with the Pope, a prayer card from Saint Francis that was read, and his head is remarkably orange – all things Colbert addresses in this truly hilarious sendoff to one of the nation’s least useful legislators.

Boehner made the announcement to his caucus on Friday, then held a press conference, entering the room singing “Zippity Doo Da.” No word if Speaker Boehner is in fact on methamphetamine or if he was pressured into giving up the seat as the third most powerful person in the free world by radicals within his own party.

One thing is certain: John Boehner is one of the major reasons this congress achieves nothing, and he’s one of the former more moderate Republicans in the party. America should be extremely happy that the GOP is imploding from within, but terrified of who might replace him. “Speaker Gohmert” or “Speaker Gowdy” just doesn’t sit well. “Speaker Ryan” isn’t much better, but establishment Republicans probably aren’t looking to seal the fate handed to Boehner or Eric Cantor, so he may just be inclined to decline. Time will tell who will continue the job of obstructing the President.

My oh my what a bizarre day.

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Watch Stephen Colbert say goodbye to Boehner like only he can.


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