WATCH: Colbert Tears Down The 4th GOP Debate Failure In 4 Hilarious Minutes Flat (VIDEO)

Steven Colbert had a grand time doing what he does best on Wednesday: Making fun of Republicans. Granted, his job is made easier by the current class of clowns vying for the number one seed in the GOP primary, but still — Colbert has a way about him that just makes him perfect for the job.

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His opening comes at the expense of Ted Cruz, who can’t count to five. When Cruz declares his intention to eliminate five government agencies, he lists the Department of Commerce twice. While Cruz is (as usual) one of the easiest targets, Colbert doesn’t stop there. He goes on to destroy Trump and eviscerate Rubio.

Not exactly difficult either, that’s true, but still hilarious. Colbert sums it all up in his final words of the segment when he said:

It was like watching paint dry without the added benefit of being able to huff the fumes.

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Watch Colbert eviscerate the GOP clown car’s most recent debate below:

Featured image via screen capture

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