WATCH: Colbert Politely Smiles As He Humiliates Trump On Every Single Talking Point (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert spent so much time pretending to be a conservative that he may have just fooled Donald Trump. As he sits in the face of utter stupidity, Colbert manages to not only dig into The Donald with a smile but allows the bloviating blowhard to take the humiliation ball and run with it.

Trump really thinks he’s being genuine when he says he has nobody to apologize to. He thinks people are cheering for him when they laugh as he states (again) “we’re gonna build a wall.” Colbert was a master of the conservative character, now he’s becoming a master troll for the good guys.

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Trump has dominated the news cycle with his blatantly hateful speeches and racist tirades. He disrespects women whenever he has the chance. He loves it when white supremacists and Islamaphobes come to his rallies, beat people up in the name of Trump and spread his message of intolerance to the backwoods of America.

Watching Colbert get the best of him like this is nothing short of sheer joy.

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Watch Colbert masterfully troll Trump right to his face.

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