WATCH: Colbert On The Dem Debates, Joe Biden Make Believe, And Space-Reporters (VIDEO)

Steven Colbert treated us all to some late-night glory last night with his hilarious treatment of the Joe Biden “make-believe” that is currently happening on CNN. With about half of Democrats wanting Biden to run for president, and with him polling at an impressive 20 percent if he should decide to run, Biden has earned himself a podium at the debates tonight should he choose to accept it.

The chances he will show are about slim-to-none, but the imagination that has gone into Biden’s fictional arrival to the CNN Democratic debate tonight will have you rolling. Colbert has outdone himself again and points out the humor in nail-biting, edge of your seat style excitement going into something that most likely will not even happen.

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On another note, could the desire to have Biden running have anything to do with jealousy that the Republicans have like one hundred and twelve candidates, and we only have five?

Democrats choose quality over quantity, however, so that is highly doubtful.

Here is Stephen Colbert, waiting for Joe:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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