Watch: Colbert On Hillary And The Wonderful, Remarkable, No Bad, Very Good Week (VIDEO)

According to Stephen Colbert, “Sheriff” Trey Gowdy and the “Benghazi Bunch” put Hillary Clinton through one of the best weeks she has had, ever. Her fundraising is through the roof, she looks damn good, and they have managed to damage her conservative opposition more than they dented her perfect composure through the 11 hour Benghazi subcommittee hearing on Thursday.

Noting that Trey Gowdy resembled a plastic figurine, an “acrylic American,” Colbert’s hilarious short monologue on the farcical Benghazi rhetoric rehash is not to be missed. You are going to want to share this, because whether you are #StandingwithHillary or #FeelingtheBern it warms the heart to see the GOP dumb*ssery, already outed as a completely partisan effort to besmirch a Democrat, come home to roost.

No one does political humor like Colbert, nobody!

Watch Colbert’s video here, courtesy of YouTube:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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