WATCH: Colbert Gives A Clueless Ted Cruz A Lesson In What Reagan Was REALLY About (VIDEO)

Not many liberals can stand to look at Ted Cruz. His condescending facial expressions are matched only by the ridiculously annoying sound of his holier than thou voice. Indeed, Ted Cruz is more suited for the pulpit than the podium.

His appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was no different. In under a minute of watching this video you’re bound to be wishing you were at the Ed Sullivan Theater so you could walk up to Cruz with a heavy, blunt object to knock some proverbial sense into him with. Colbert got the rare opportunity to do just that — only with logic and reason, and the result is more satisfying than watching Cruz fall to the floor at the business end of a baseball bat.

Cruz believes what he believes, no matter how misguided, so to watch the look on his face when schooled with reality is absolutely priceless.

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Watch Colbert make a fool out of Ted Cruz.

Featured image via screen capture

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