Watch CNN Host Visibly Experience Brain Death When Palin Makes Bieber-Trump Comparison (VIDEO)

Interviewing Sarah Palin about any topic can be a minefield, at any moment you may ask her a question she finds too difficult and she’ll explode with rage. But if her latest sit down with CNN’s Jake Tapper is any indication, she’s just as likely to implode as well. Her answers collapse under the sheer weight of her stupidity and suck any intelligence out of the room.

The half-term former Alaskan governor was following through on her commitment to shill for Trump when Tapper turned to the billionaire Republican candidate’s pro-choice roots. How, Tapper wondered, could Palin – a pro-life fanatic – stand by Trump given his background?

The answer was easy: Something something something Justin Bieber!

What has been kind of sad about this situation though, politically speaking, are there are groups that are pro-life and they say they want to bring more people into the fold. They’re giving Trump a hard time for his past views on abortion where they’re celebrating others, like, uh, I was going through a list. Like Justin Bieber and, gosh, uh —

Tapper’s mind, live and on camera, begins to melt. He visibly recoils. “Justin Bieber?” he asks.

Yeah, yeah, who has made statements, understanding the sanctity of life, but in the past said it was no big deal to him. He’s just one example.

Of course, Justin Bieber is not currently running for President of the United States. His views on abortion and any other topic are largely irrelevant. Trump on the other hand is a Republican front-runner and the things he says could have a profound impact on the lives of Americans.

Even more oddly, Palin seems to have screwed up her example. Bieber, raised in a conservative Christian family, has stirred up controversy in the past regarding his views on abortion. At 16, he told Rolling Stone magazine that abortion is always wrong, even when the pregnancy is a result of rape, because “everything happens for a reason.” Bieber didn’t “see the light” as Palin says. He was brought up with pro-life views.

As is often the case, Palin survives almost exclusively by saying things so monumentally stupid that reporters just don’t know how to respond. Tapper’s brain, having gotten just a peek into Palin’s, almost completely shut down. He never followed up, he just moved on – in a daze – as Palin continued to ramble.

It was painful to watch.

Featured image via YouTube

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