Watch: CNN Guest Owns Trump Supporter For Denying Trump Is A Xenophobe (VIDEO)

Political analyst, Margaret Hoover, joined Chris Cuomo as a guest on CNN, where she called out GOP candidate Donald Trump’s xenophobic, nationalism rhetoric.

Hoover and political writer, Jeffrey Lord, have a complete difference of opinion, and frankly, Lord’s reasoning as to why Trump is not xenophobic is just ridiculous.

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Donald Trump is, of course, the grandson and son of immigrants and married to an immigrant. This is about fixing the immigration system so that it works properly.

Just because he came from a family of immigrants does not mean he is not a xenophobe. His actions and words have and will continue to speak for his character. Hoover did not buy his reasoning and schooled him on Trump Rhetoric 101.

It’s just that’s hard though, Jeffrey, when you say, you know, you’ve got to build a wall, the Mexicans are rapists, keep all the Muslims out. You know this is rhetoric that is xenophobic rhetoric, and that’s — I’m not calling everyone that supports him a xenophobe, but the real case is that he has hit a strain with the number one immigration issue: economics and immigration.

Hoover expressed to Cuomo her idea that GOP candidates who appeal to more moderate Republicans may be need to drop out of the race so a potential challenger can step up.

Check out the interview below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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