WATCH: Chuck Todd Goes Ape Sh*t On Donald Trump During Meet The Press Interview (VIDEO)

Donald Trump appeared on Meet The Press, Sunday morning, and Chuck Todd laid into the Republican presidential candidate.

Todd reminded Trump that he is always whining that the media isn’t being fair to him, demanding that they tell the truth and he asked:

Why shouldn’t we demand the same pinpoint accuracy in the claims that you make? Isn’t it hypocritical of you calling us out if we’re not calling you out when you stray from the truth?

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Instead of answering the question, Trump starts blabbing that Obama is lying about the number of refugees who are going to be allowed to enter the country. He claims that they have no paperwork (even though the vetting process is incredibly thorough) and then he repeats the nonsense about a “Trojan Horse” of terrorists. Todd listened to him and then asked the presidential candidate about his “celebrating Muslims on 9/11” garbage:

Let’s back up here a minute, let’s go to this Jersey City comment. You said you ‘saw’ this. Nobody can find evidence of this and more importantly, the article that you tweeted out that says that this backed you up, that in itself there were three or four different reports that month in New Jersey that said it was a myth that was spread…Where did you see this?

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Trump responds that he saw it on television, claiming that hundreds of other people have called him and confirmed that they saw it too. He then makes an unbelievable claim that there were “tailgate parties” celebrating the terrorist attacks:

And by the way the Washington Post, now he tried to pull back, but the Washington Post reported tailgate parties and reports of tailgate parties. Tailgate parties means for like, a football game, where you have hundreds and hundreds and maybe even thousands of people having tailgate parties. I saw it at the time, I stick by it. Hundreds of people have confirmed it…

“This didn’t happen in New Jersey. There were plenty of reports and you’re feeding a stereotype,” Chuck Todd said. Trump once again interrupts him and insists the thousands of cheering Muslims did happen, claiming it happened all over the world — at soccer games and other places — so why wouldn’t it have happened here? You can see Chuck Todd giggle as if he can’t believe the amount of stupid coming from the hole in Trump’s face and then the host loses it.

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Watch the interview below:

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