WATCH Chris Matthews Obliterate GOP For Playing ‘Hitler Card’ Against Obama…Again (VIDEO)

After President Obama announced the historic nuclear deal with Iran, political mainstay Chris Matthews attempted to discuss the deal with Ron Christie, former Cheney aide and neoconservative mouthpiece. Matthews tried to engage in a reasonable dialogue on his MSNBC show Hardball with Chris Matthews, but Christie was having none of it. Christie played the Hitler card right off the bat and attempted to devolve the conversation into a series of GOP talking points.

Matthews stood his ground and fired back taking Christie to school on history and blasting their repeated attempts to use inappropriate references to paint President Obama in unfair lights.

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In the end, Matthews doesn’t give Christie an inch to try to weasel out of what he said. Christie tries to paint Matthews’s facts as opinion, but Matthews counters back sharply, as he should.

Later on in the conversation, Matthews went further in blasting Christie appropriately comparing the GOP and Tea Party’s factions who have continuously been both loud and wrong for well over a decade now pointing out how they were wrong about Iraq, wrong about WMDs and wrong about so many other things, but refuse to apologize.

You can see that in this extended clip of the segment. Watch the action at the 6:35 mark on the video:

Featured image via MSNBC Video Screen Capture

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