Watch Celebrity Chef Slam Republicans For Taking Food ‘Off The Plates’ Of Poor

Tom Colicchio, Top Chef and advocate for combating poverty and hunger, wonderfully laid into Congressional Republicans for the ongoing efforts to starve the poor. And since it’s the Red States that consume a majority of federal tax dollars and consist of the most food stamp recipients, Colicchio didn’t shy away from calling out these sanctimonious Red State politicians and their miserably uninformed constituents.

Take New Jersey, for example, and Christie’s veto of “heat and eat” benefits (not a freaking loophole), which the NJ State legislature sadly failed to override. His unwillingness to restore them is costing the state $500 million (NJ pays a lot in federal taxes and gets the least back) in SNAP funds. Further, recipients of aid through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program saw an average monthly drop in their food aid by $90 – enough to pay for 60 meals. Hypocritically enough, Christie touted the fact that NJ pays the most and gets the least back when he was screaming for Sandy funds.

Colicchio, a New Jersey native, is disgusted with Republican politicians like Christie and the ones in Congress who continue to balance the budget on the backs of the poor.

Watch the Celebrity Top Chef below:


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