WATCH: Cecily Strong TOTALLY KILLS At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (VIDEO)

Each year the White House Correspondents dinner happens. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not.

This year might have been the best ever. In addition to a great set by President Barack Obama which included the President NAILING a Key and Peele routine. But the Presdident was only the warm up act for what might have been the best host ever. She was charming, she was funny and she was just spot on in every way.

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She was Cecily Strong.

The SNL veteran couldn’t have been better. Was every joke a home run? No, but nothing sucked and her batting average was stellar. Like .848.

Check out  her great performance from this year’s dinner here:


Cecily tears up everyone from Hillary to Don Lemon. She even pokes some fun at recently retired Congressman Aaron Schock. She also equates what might be a Washington 10 to a New York 4 and an Indiana 30.  And in case folks are afraid the jokes went all one way, you will be pleased to know Hillary and the Clinton Foundation take their share of jabs as well.

The 2016 Dinner will have a hard time topping this.

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