WATCH: CBS Host Nails Paul Ryan For Trying To Repeal Obamacare, Again (VIDEO)

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) was confronted with the futility of attempting to repeal Obamacare for the umpteenth time over the weekend, when CBS host John Dickerson forced him to admit they passed a bill to repeal the act without offering any sort of alternative.

“It’s why we have to come up with an alternative”

Think about how many years we’ve waited for a Republican alternative to Obamacare — you can stop thinking now, since we’ve been waiting from almost the beginning. But the absence of an alternative hasn’t stopped Speaker Paul Ryan from attempting to repeal it yet again, with a new bill President Obama vetoed on Friday.

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While sitting in with CBS Face the Nation Host John Dickerson on Sunday, the host confronted Ryan with that fact, telling him, “You said you wanted the Republicans to offer an alternative to the president,” but “one of the first things you did this year, though, was offer that [Obamacare] repeal.”

Dickerson then pointblank asked Ryan:

How is that an alternative?

With no place left to weasel, Ryan was forced to admit it wasn’t, and once again, the GOP was acting without having any sort of alternative or backup plan:

It’s not. It’s why we have to come up with an alternative. So, you’re right about that one.

When pressed by Dickerson if they would have an alternative, though, Ryan did what Republicans do best when they have nothing else to offer — he blamed Obama:

Absolutely. My goal — I don’t know how far it will go given we have a filibuster and a guy named Obama who’s not going to replace Obamacare — but my goal is that, we as Republicans, if we don’t like these laws, don’t like the direction the country is going, I think we have to be more than just an opposition party.

We have to be a proposition party. So, if we don’t like this, we’ve got to show how we would do things differently. And we really think Obamacare is failing, whether it’s premiums, restricted access, high deductibles, families losing the insurance they wanted to keep.

People are hurting and we need to offer a solution. So, yes, on this and many other issues, we need to offer alternatives. And that’s exactly what I intend on having us do.

The GOP’s alternative sounds a bit like Jeb Bush’ strategy for dealing with Daesh: That we need a strategy.

Waiting for a GOP alternative is like waiting for Godot — you’re not sure what Godot is, you’re not even sure if Godot exists, but some clowns with a vested interest in Godot’s existence keep insisting yes, Godot does exist, you just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you get to watch them make a fool of themselves in the most absurd way possible.

Forgive me if I point out this sounds like just about every con job ever.

And what Ryan seems to be oblivious to is that the Republicans are a proposition party: Whatever proposition common sense dictates, they propose the opposite, regardless how epistemically or syntactically unsound it is.

Watch the interview below:

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