WATCH: Carly Fiorina’s Tantrum Over CNN Not Letting Her Keep Lying Is Painfully Pathetic (VIDEO)

Carly Fiorina confused CNN for Fox News again, and immediately regretted it. She got pressed by Chris Cuomo on the extremely inflammatory lies she spewed at the first Republican debate about Planned Parenthood and the associated fake abortion videos put out by David Daleiden. Cuomo brought up the issue and asked if Fiorina felt differently, or regretted making the comments she made during the debate since the videos were linked to a mass shooting. If you listen closely during the video, you can hear every time Fiorina nearly starts screaming at the camera. Imagine what it was like working for this harpy.

Seeing how often Republicans like Carly Fiorina lie,  you would think that they’d prepare better for getting called out on it. Carly is really bad at this.

Fiorina immediately got visibly annoyed and scared by being asked this question. She snapped back trying to say that she didn’t lie, the videos were real, and that Planned Parenthood admitted their guilt. The quick run down on it is this: she did lie, she knows she lied, Planned Parenthood had nothing to admit to and now she gets pissed off every time that fact is repeated to her on live cable news.

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Let’s put the video issue to rest. Fox News directly told Fiorina, on their network, that the tapes were not authentic and what she claimed she saw in them did not actually exist. You can watch that trainwreck below:

Carly wouldn’t let up. She just kept repeating herself over and over and to his credit, Cuomo didn’t let her run out the clock.

“Of course, they were edited,” Cuomo said. “Let’s be careful about what we’re saying. Now you have someone who went out and killed in the name of that.”

Fiorina was clearly falling apart at this point, and you could see it in her frustrated expression. She then said:

I don’t recall — and careful Chris, you’re a journalist — I don’t recall anybody in the pro-life community celebrating this tragedy. 

Yes, she seriously said she didn’t recall any “pro-life” people celebrating the tragedy. Let’s help her out.


Should we go on Carly?

The desperation that immediately sets in with Republicans that are caught lying is always a laugh. However, what these lies caused is not. Three people died and American was terrorized yet again by Republican-fueled domestic terrorism. If Fiorina is asked this question by everyone from now until the day she dies, then had it chiseled on her tombstone, that still wouldn’t equal the suffering inflicted on America by her rhetoric.

Watch Carly Fiorina’s epic tantrum on CNN below:

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