Watch Canadians React To Ted Cruz Candidacy With Sarcasm And Mockery (IMAGES)

It’s official! Canadian born senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz is running for president of the United States. It has all been cleared by the lawyers. No birther nonsense this time. Nosiree! Cruz, unlike President Obama, was not born in the United States. But, like President Obama, he had an American mother. So the legal experts say that he’s good to go.

We all know what Americans think of Cruz. The right loves him. The left hates him. But what do citizens in his homeland, Canada, think about the Texas senator from Calgary, Alberta? Judging by the comments on one Canadian news story, residents of our northern neighbor are not fans.

A story from Canada’s major broadcaster, the CBCexplains to Canadians how it is that the Canadian born Cruz can run for president. Being born on Canadian soil makes him a Canadian. Having an American mother makes him an American. The story goes on to say that Cruz, now the American über-patriot, renounced his Canadian citizenship last May. So, like it or not, Americans are stuck with him. For their part, Canadians seem to be quite happy about that. There are over 600 comments on the story, and most of them have nothing good to say about Cruz.

“DNS,” and the 248 readers who “liked” his comment, are glad that Cruz gave up his Canadian citizenship:

Canada is quite happy to have that citizenship renounced. He's all yours.


“Rockandrolljay” wants the U.S. to take more Canadian right wing nut jobs. Sorry, we have all we can handle!

Good riddance. Please America, take more of our right wing loonies.


“Saskguy” asks the question that many Americans are asking:

I demand to see his birth certificate!

One response to Saskguy’s comment confirms what some of us have known for years: due to oil politics, Alberta is more a part of the U.S. in some ways, than of Canada. “Globecare” also pokes fun at another American ignoramus, Donald Trump:Alberta is actually part of north Texas.

“Otasawian” takes a dim view of not only the entire American far right, but of their supporters:

All self centered egotistical bigots.

“LordBert,” responding to Otawasian, shows that Canadians have a pretty good understanding of American politics:

Republicans who stand up against the far right would not get the nomination.


It is a good thing for America to have a country like Canada on our border. Canadians are not totally unlike Americans, yet they are different enough that they often provide astute insights into what is going on in this country. Judging from the comments on this one CBC story, Canadians are not fans of their senator from Texas (or should that be “our” senator from Alberta?). But what will be conservative Americans’ response to the Ted Cruz candidacy? It will be interesting to see how the same “birthers,” who in many cases still claim that Barack Obama should not be president, will tie themselves into knots to declare that Cruz has the legal right to occupy the White House.

Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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