Watch Canada’s Prime Minister Show What Happens When You Ask A LIBERAL About Science (VIDEO)

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, just showed the world how totally awesome it is to be a liberal when he completely dominated a reporter’s snide question when he asked Trudeau to explain the basic way that Quantum Computing works.

The reporter clearly didn’t expect Trudeau to know anything about the technical aspects of the topic he was busy praising during a press conference. That poor reporter… He had no idea what he was getting himself into on this one.

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Trudeau didn’t even hesitate for a moment. He actually had to tone down the technical talk a bit to simplify it for the reporter, as he rattled off a spot-on accurate description of the basis for how a quantum computer works.

My god, it was beautiful. You could almost hear the wiseass reporter who asked the question slowly shrinking into the corner in shame.

Justin Trudeau is the new Canadian Prime Minister and leader of the Canadian Liberal party. He was swept into office on a platform of youth, optimism, inclusiveness, and hope. Sound familiar? His election and his approach to government have been compared by many to be a Canadian version of the Barack Obama presidency. That fact was surely evident in the deft way he mercilessly crushed a reporter’s gotcha question with a smile and some hard science. You just have to see this.

Watch the difference between liberals and conservatives, when it comes to science below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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