WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Gives This Absolutely Pathetic Explanation For Why She’s A Republican

The coronation of Donald Trump Republican National Convention has been an interesting affair so far. We’ve had a little plagiarism, the usual hate-filled rhetoric directed at anybody who doesn’t fit the GOP mold of the “real American,” and, of course, plenty of shots at Hillary Clinton. Speaking of people who don’t fit the Republican “real American” mold, one of the most interesting moments of the gathering to this point had to be Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance on Wednesday morning.

Jenner got to talk about her politics at something called the “Big Tent Brunch.” Obviously, the folks in charge weren’t about to let her address the convention from the podium in the main hall — they wouldn’t be sure which bathroom to point her toward if she needed to pee. Jenner couldn’t even make the list of “C” level celebrities who addressed the convention, like Scott Baio, even though she has been a vocal Trump supporter. In fact, the event she spoke to wasn’t an official RNC event at all; it was sponsored by the American Unity Fund, a conservative group that advocates for LGBT rights.

In a somewhat confusing conversation with American Unity Fund President Margaret Hoover, Jenner told the crowd that it was easier to come out as trans than to come out as a Republican. No doubt, since by identifying herself with the GOP she is saying that she is ok with the way the party wants to ostracize her and other LGBT Americans.

Jenner criticized the so-called “bathroom bill” in North Carolina and said that she does not use men’s restrooms. She also admitted that Democrats are much more LGBT-friendly than Republicans. But against all logic, she said she will continue to support the GOP, and remains hopeful that the party will eventually come around to see people like her in a different light. Lots of luck with that one, as this year’s GOP platform may be their most extreme anti-LGBT document ever.

Apparently, her main reason for remaining a Republican has to do with her father’s military service. She related a story about how she believes her father, a World War II veteran, would be “very disappointed” about what is going on in the country. She didn’t elaborate on what exactly she was talking about, except to say that she thinks the GOP is the best chance to get back to a “Constitutional government.” A so-called “Constitutional government” that will deny rights to a substantial portion of American citizens, Caitlyn Jenner being one of them. Makes perfect sense — not.

Here are Caitlyn Jenner’s remarks, via NBC News:

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Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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