WATCH: BUSTED! Trump’s Middle East Business Ties Exposed As He Calls For Ban On Muslims In U.S. (VIDEO)

The UK’s Channel 4 News has taken a lot of offense to Donald Trump’s recent wave of Islamophobic hate speech, and his assertions that there are Sharia Law-controlled “no go zones” in London where police are afraid to go. As a response, they exposed his very long line of past and future business plans in the Middle East. How could Trump not have seen this one coming?

Trump has been dealing with the Middle East for years in many business ventures, and still plans to continue doing it in the future. All the while, he is inciting the biggest wave of American Islamophobic hysteria in decades.

The video is positively damning. It details Trump’s business dealings in Middle Eastern countries all the way back before 2000 and includes a montage of him heaping compliments and praise onto different countries and their people. How will Trump explain away all of the future business plans he still intends to carry out and the comments of praise? Racists all over the Republican party will want to know the answer to this.

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Watch the incredible failure of Trump below:

Featured image via Facebook screen capture

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