WATCH: Brutal Video Uses Republicans’ Own Words To Destroy Donald Trump

Americans are angry. But contrary to what conservatives would have you believe, most Americans are not angry about gay marriage, planned parenthood, or which bathroom a transgender person chooses to use. They are angry about 7 years of Republican obstructionism, hate speech, and fear mongering. Seven long years of vitriol and division that lead to the rise of their radical and totally unqualified Presidential nominee — Donald Trump.

At first some Americans believed the great GOP lie, that Obama was such a dangerous threat to our nation that Tea Party Republicans had no choice but to block every piece of legislation, threaten to crash our debt ceiling, and shut down the government, not to mention the millions, if not billions spent in taxpayer money in a futile and delusional attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act over 60 times. But after Republicans took the Senate in 2014 and still managed to get nothing accomplished, while also working fewer days than any Congress in modern times.  Their sham of saving the nation from the evil Muslim Kenyan usurper was quickly exposed for what it was, a great American swindle, so there is a bit of poetic justice in the fact that the GOP has now been hijacked by a cunning con man like Donald Trump.

The latest act of willful defiance to come out of the GOP this session is their shameful refusal to even pretend to go through the process of vetting a new Supreme Court Chief Justice. With the sudden death of Antonin Scalia this past February, Republicans announced that they would not approve any nominee made by Obama, and they made their announcement within hours of Scalia’s death.

As Americans ready themselves for a brutal general election cycle, Democrats have a mountain of ammunition at their disposal as they use Republicans’ own words in various campaign ads to point out the ridiculousness and ineptitude of their party’s nomination of Donald Trump.

A new ad released by Americans United for Change once again uses the sharp public criticisms of Trump from GOP leadership to demonstrate just how horrific a Trump presidency would be. AUFC President Brad Woodhouse had this to say about the current destructiveness within the Republican party:

Sen. McConnell is refusing to do his job because he wants Donald Trump — a racist, sexist, misogynistic, nativist, isolationist, pathological liar who said he would date his daughter if they weren’t related and won’t rule out using nuclear weapons in the Middle East — to make the next appointment to the Supreme Court,

With Trump only a few days into his new role as the GOP’s presumptive nominee, the Democrats have only fired their first real shots across Trump’s bow, and things are not looking good for the Reality TV charlatan, especially when you consider the fact that Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating of any major party candidate in American politics.

Watch the short but  brilliant ad exposing the GOP here:



Featured Image via Americans United For Change YouTube screengrab

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