WATCH: Boehner Panders To Low-Information Voters: BENGHAZI!…EMAILS!…BENGHAZI! (VIDEO)

Boehner is hitting the BENGHAZI! bong pretty heavy these days. Completely disregarding the fact that both Republican-led chambers of Congress have found no wron doing in the terrorist attack on the US embassy annex, Boehner is on the media trail spouting the keywords Republicans are hoping will keep people from voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The GOP reports are rather conclusive. There was no stand-down order. There was no video feed. There was no wrong-doing on the part of the administration. That doesn’t stop imbeciles like Boehner, who continuously brings shame to the third most powerful office in the country, from keeping the attack in the forefront of the small minds of the GOP base.

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The catalyst has changed lately from “what difference does it make,” an out-of context battle cry for the informationally impaired, to “EMAIL SERVER!” Hilary Clinton turned over more than 300 emails from her server pertaining to Benghazi. It’s been made clear that no laws were broken. What does Boehner have to say about that?

She violated the law.

No she didn’t. On his Facebook page, (where he posted this video that makes him look very foolish,) Boehner wrote:

Secretary Hillary Clinton violated the law, and now, all options are on the table to get to the truth about what happened in Benghazi.

Again, no she didn’t. You already have 2 congressional reports, written by Republicans, that “get to the truth” about what happened in Benghazi.  All options are open? How about you resign and let someone competent lead the House of Representatives?

There is no better option than that.

Watch Speaker Boehner pander to the GOP base with the keywords BENGHAZI! and EMAILS!

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