WATCH: Bobby Jindal’s Campaign Just Made A Complete Fool Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Bobby Jindal is quite possibly the second least qualified person on the planet to talk about foreign policy, making him the first runner-up to Donald Trump. Trump wouldn’t know foreign policy if it was dating his daughter. Jindal, sensing the end of a fruitless campaign for the  presidency, has released an attack ad aimed at The Donald that may be the most worthwhile thing he’s ever done.

Jindal’s ad is the second attack ad in as many days against Trump by candidates with little to no hope. Carly Fiorina decided to put out a “look at that face” ad on Monday, which was a pretty convincing argument for women to vote Democrat. Maybe there’s some kind of GOP pact that says when you’re about to flop out of the race you have to spend a certain percentage of your money attacking Trump.

Whatever the reason, the ad is hilarious. Jindal has earned himself a big cookie for this one.

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Watch Bobby Jindal’s hilarious new attack ad aimed at Trump’s foreign policy flaws.

Featured image via screen capture

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