WATCH: Bobby Jindal Explains That Christians, Not Gays, Need ‘Special Rights’ (VIDEO)

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appeared on Meet the Press on April 5, and proved once again that he doesn’t seem to inhabit the real world.

Host Chuck Todd’s conversation with Jindal starts with the governor saying that the Indiana “religious freedom” law is all about people who own businesses not being forced to participate in things that violate their religious beliefs, such as same-sex weddings. He makes it clear that he thinks these laws, as passed in a number of states, are necessary to protect the rights of Christians. He says,

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Businesses that don’t want to choose between their Christian faith — their sincerely held religious beliefs — and being able to operate their businesses. Now, what they don’t want is the government to force them to participate in wedding ceremonies that contradict their beliefs.

Then, Todd asks him if he is against a local ordinance in New Orleans, that protects LGBT citizens from discrimination in housing and employment. Jindal says that he is opposed to discrimination against anybody in housing and employment. But, he goes on to say, he is concerned about creating “special legal protections,” and observes that “in our country, we have only done that in extraordinary circumstances.”

He goes on to say that too often, people turn to the”heavy hand of government” to solve society’s problems. “We need to have a society where we’re not discriminating against people,” he says. “I do think we need to be very careful about creating special rights.”

So, in the strange world of Bobby Jindal, special rights for Christians are good, special rights (which are actually only the same rights that everyone else has) for LGBT citizens are bad.

Here’s Jindal’s strange take on discrimination and equal rights, via Meet the Press/YouTube:

H/T RawStory | Featured image via AJ Alfieri-Crispin/Wikimedia Commons


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