WATCH: Bob Dole Skewers Trump And Cruz Over Extremism, While Calling Obama ‘A Very Good Man’ (VIDEO)

Old School Republicans are a dying breed. Like so many of them, Bob Dole has hit his limit with the severe right turn to Stupidville that his party has forced upon itself. The former senator and Republican nominee for president, who is now a young 92 years, set his sites directly on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Dole slammed both Cruz and Trump, bashing their extremism and rhetoric while defending Obama from their attacks, calling him “a very good man.”

When a person who has been a Republican for most of 92 years has lost their faith in the party, it’s time for other members of it to take notice. Whether for better or worse, Republicans are only taking notice of Trump’s still increasing poll numbers and trying to imitate his success.

Dole still considers himself a Republican and gave his endorsement to Jeb Bush on MSNBC. He dismissed the qualifications of Trump, calling him “over the top,” and bashed Cruz as being too “extreme.” When faced with the idea of voting for either of them if they won the primary, Dole said that he might “oversleep” on election day if that was the case.

Before anyone gets too excited over the idea of Dole possibly endorsing a Democrat if one of the Republican loons won the nomination, he already put that to rest. Dole said he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Hillary Clinton, implying he assumes she will be the nominee because she has moved “too far left.”  He then threw in with Jeb Bush.

To put that into context, Jeb Bush as of this writing was polling at three percent. That is just how badly the republican party has abandoned the elder statesmen that they used to revere.

Watch Bob Dole’s full comments in the video below:

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