WATCH: Bill Maher Pokes Fun At Ben Carson’s Portrait With Jesus (VIDEO)

Bill Maher has never been one to bite his tongue. Recently on HBO’s Real Time, he had no problem poking fun at the ridiculousness of Ben Carson and the portrait he has of himself and Jesus.

I know the Constitution says there can be no religious test for holding office. But, sorry, you can’t get your hands on the nuclear launch codes if you own a painting of yourself with Jesus in a bathrobe.

Anyone with an ounce on sanity has already questioned the mental health of presidential candidate Ben Carson long before the odd painting was discovered.  This portrait only cements the fact that Carson is a loon:

This is a painting that hangs in Ben Carson’s home of him and Jesus apparently enjoying a spa day.So, yes, you can believe whatever you want and still run for office, but it’s got to work the other way too. As a voter, it’s perfectly fine for me to say ‘Uh-uh, Dr. Giggles. Because, you sir, are a clear and present ding-dong.’

Maher doesn’t stop there. He goes on to point out Ben Carson, as a 7th Day Adventist, is waiting for the world to end. How can we expect someone who believes the world is going to end soon to preserve it? Better yet, how can we take a person who has a portrait of them self  with Jesus in a bathrobe, seriously? Let alone imagine him as president.


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