WATCH: Bill Maher Panel Spins Wildly Out Of Control When Trump Surrogate Can’t Shut Up

Bill Maher invited Trump surrogate, Stephen Moore, onto his show to take part in a panel discussion on Friday night and all hell broke loose when he simply could not manage to shut his mouth.

Moore was spouting bullsh*t and Maher tried repeatedly to correct him with facts from the Census Bureau, but the Trump loving conservative continued to try to talk over the host. Before long, Maher was fed up. He slammed his hands onto the desk as he shouted, “I must f*cking stop you!”

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Moore interrupted Democratic commentator and fellow guest, Angela Rye, over and over. But when he put his hand on her shoulder things went completely off the rails.

“Why are you touching me! Why are you touching me!” she shouted. “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”

Maher intervened and tried to get Moore to keep his hands to himself.

“I know you’re really excited, but let me be really clear,” Rye tried to say while Moore continued to talk over her. “This is not the Monday night debate and I’m not Hillary Clinton. So, I’m just being very clear with you, I have something to say, and I need you to let me talk. Thank you.”

Rye tried once again to finish her statement regarding the economy and Trump’s policies: “The point is very simple: When your candidate was asked whether he wanted to raise the minimum wage he initially said no, now he wants a slight increase. If you want to talk about wages—” and Moore once again interrupted her and tried to talk over her. “You’re still not going to let me finish. You’re still not going to let me finish. Fantastic. This is going to be a great conversation.”

“Steve, Steve, let her get her, let her finish,” Maher protested. Finally, the host was able to quiet Moore down, for a few seconds at least, in the hopes of allowing Rye to finally complete her thought.

“The problem is, your candidate has deceived his voter base,” she began, but then Moore jumped in and argued overtop of her yet again. “Really?” she asked in an obvious state of WTF.  “Anyway.”

Watch this Real Time segment spin wildly out of control, here:

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