WATCH: Bill Maher Lampoons NRA Bull*hit Regarding Toddlers Killing People With Guns (VIDEO)

With recent news showing that people are getting shot by toddlers with unattended guns on a weekly basis this year, it’s easy to see how anyone would be feeling a bit cynical about America’s strange inability to do literally anything about its gun murder epidemic. Now even toddlers are protecting freedom, and engaging in some spontaneous 2nd amendment flavored patriotism.

In 2015 so far, toddlers have killed themselves with a gun 13 times, injured themselves 18 times, injured other people 10 times, and killed other people 2 times.

And you say gun safety laws? No, what we need is even more guns to fix our problem of too many toddlers having guns.

It’s freakin’ embarrassing, and should feel that way to everybody who is a citizen, when things like this happen. We know what to do, yet we simply can’t do it, because an industrial lobby group has its hand completely inserted up the collective rear-ends of Republicans. They don’t dare do anything about it, or else they will end up having a gun lobby stooge run against them in an election.

So what more is there to do, since we can’t actually DO anything about it, than to just sit back and make fun of it and shame those involved? This is exactly what Bill did on his show.

Watch Bill Maher mercilessly shred the NRA and collective gun idiots in this hilarious clip below:

Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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