WATCH: Bill Maher Humiliates Ted Cruz So Badly Even He Can’t Stop Laughing (VIDEO)

Bill Maher had some fun with a “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” article in US magazine featuring Hillary Clinton. A dig about hot sauce, and a reference to her womanizing husband later, he’s on to making fun of the real enemy: Ted Cruz.

Maher knows that Cruz is far more dangerous than Trump. Trump is in this to win and sub the job out to people who know what they’re doing so he doesn’t look stupid. Cruz is in it to bring us back to 2008 and the brink of collapse so he can show us all how to do it better this time.

Plus, he has that ever-so-punchable face, screechy voice and pecker shaped nose that make you want to just beat him with one of those pool noodles until he sobs and asks for mercy. Maher would probably tell you that this segment was a true testament to a great writing team. He was obviously incredibly happy with the jokes and he did a bang-up job of delivering them.

Watch Bill Maher humiliate Ted Cruz so bad even he can’t stop laughing:

Featured image via screen capture


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