Watch Bill Maher Hilariously Exposes Trump’s Hypocrisy On Immigration (VIDEO)

Another week, another opportunity for Daffy Donald Trump to make a complete and utter a** of himself in public. In keeping with his complete and utter lack of knowledge of substantive issues, and yoda-like ability to speak to low-information mouth breathers, the Donald became the first of the Republican candidates to call for mass deportations of undocumented immigrants already living here. Of course Trump didn’t actually offer any details on how he intends to deport millions of people, but one can only suspect he’ll buy a huge classy net with sapphire diamonds and scoop them all up.

But Bill Maher pointed out Trump’s glaring hypocrisy on immigration on last night’s taping of Real Time. Maher said that Donald Trump’s foreign spouse makes his immigration policy hypocrisy.

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“Nobody brings this up about Donald Trump, who is always on about, ‘We can’t have foreigners coming into this country.’ His first wife is from Czechoslovakia. His current wife is from Slovenia,” Maher said on his program. “So, if you think crawling under a wall is the most disgusting way to become an American, somewhere there is a Panamanian woman hiding in a truck full of chickens with ten pounds of heroin-filled condoms in her stomach who’s thinking, ‘Well, at least I didn’t have to blow Donald Trump.'” (TPM)

Watch the segment below:


Featured image via screen capture from YouTube 

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