Watch: Bill Maher Gives Bernie Sanders The ‘F*ck Yeah’ Seal Of Approval

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has had quite the ride this campaign season. His approval rating keeps rising and it seems “the Bern” is spreading. Even with what some feel are less than stellar responses to foreign policy questions in  the recent Democratic debates, people of all ages – but especially young voters, are going all in for him. Even Real Time host, Bill Maher seems to be endorsing Sanders with a big old “f*ck yeah!”

As a guest on Maher’s show, MSNBC analyst Alex Wagner states that while she believed Sanders won the first half of the debate dealing with economy, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the clear winner in the second half when focusing on foreign policy.

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Do you want Bernie Sanders getting off Air Force One making a deal with? Seriously — on foreign policy — do you think that he’s at the level that we need–

Wagner didn’t seem quite done with her question yet, but that didn’t stop Maher from jumping right in and firing back.

F*ck yeah! The guy who voted right on the Iraq war? Yeah I do.

Maher feel that Sanders is bringing a “new deal ” to the table that may bring out more voters from the left who have previously sat out because they felt the two parties are too alike. I guess we will have to see.

Watch the clip below:

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