WATCH: Bill Maher Explains Why Every Time Bernie Sanders Talks, A Republican Head Explodes (VIDEO)

Bill Maher took some time out of his show to explain to us why Republicans hate Bernie Sanders so much. During a segment on Real Time, Bill showed video comparisons of what Bernie actually said, then showed another video explaining what Republicans actually heard. When you see this, it really will start making a lot of sense.

We all know Republicans have a very severe case of selective hearing already; when you say “background check,” they hear “gun grabbing black helicopter kill squad.” Bernie somehow has made this condition far worse.

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Judging by the reactions of people like Trump, in a next-day commentary he made about how crazy and wild Bernie was during the debate, I would call this new misinterpretive hearing disease a pandemic among the GOP.

Watch this freakin’ hilarious clip from Real Time with Bill Maher showing Bernie speaking, then showing what Republicans hear him saying below:

Featured image via screen capture

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