WATCH: Bill Maher Annihilates Rand Paul’s Entire campaign Platform (VIDEO)

Bill Maher took a virtual machete to Rand Paul on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday. Maher is somewhat unhappy that the Rand Paul who used to champion the Libertarian philosophy of “live and let live” has turned into a bible-thumping conspiracy theorist who needs to look into whether or not President Obama is planning to invade Texas.

New rule:  You’re not allowed to have any more Republican candidates until you tell me what you’ve done with Rand Paul…

…He’d always been the Libertarian guy on personal issues.  Live and let live, just don’t get any on me…

Paul’s pandering to the putrid populace of the party of petulance seems to be working. While he trails Jeb Bush and Scott Walker in most polls for the Republican nomination, he polls as most likely to be competitive against Hillary Clinton.

Watch Bill Maher Annihilate Rand Paul’s Entire Campaign Platform.


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