WATCH: Bill Maher And Seth MacFarlane Dig Into Sarah Palin’s Horrible Parenting (VIDEO)

What kind of idiot do you have to be to have two children whose lives are contrary to the religious and “conservative” rhetoric you preach who you defend by blaming President Obama? The kind of idiot whose name is Sarah Palin, that’s who.

By now you’ve certainly heard that Bristol keeps falling on penises and getting pregnant while Track beats women in a drunken stupor because Barack Obama is in the White House. Their mom, the dumbest person alive, thinks for some reason that she’s allowed to continue to stump across Iowa for Donald Trump, repeating her rhetoric and being better than everyone else because she says God a lot and because, in Alaska, they raise their children right.

It’s ridiculous and so is she. In this video from Real Time with Bill Maher, Seth MacFarlane joins Maher in trashing the trashy trashed Trump stumper (say that 10 times fast, Palin) for her hypocrisy AND her stupidity. It is truly magnificent.

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Watch Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane make a fool of Sarah Palin below:


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