WATCH: Bill Maher And a Muslim Feminist Knock It Out Of The Park On The Paris Attacks And Radical Islam (VIDEO)

The vicious and wanton acts of terrorism across Paris, which resulted in reportedly 150 deaths at the hands of putrid scum, was indeed terrible. The radical extremist group ISIS (not to be confused with the unit in FX’s Archer) has since claimed responsibility for the attacks, as anyone with more than two functioning brain cells knew they would.

As a show of solidarity, Maher started the show by singing (badly) a tiny snippet of the French national anthem. It seriously was bad enough to make an American Idol blooper reel. Maher’s lack of musical tone notwithstanding, things got real serious and honest when Bill interviewed Asra Nomani, a Muslim feminist who could care less about political correctness. Moreover, she favors critical thinking over butthurt feelings.

 You are a hero of mine,”said Maher. “You say things I try to say … but it means so much coming from you.

Nomani called Bill  courageous for having ‘dared to challenge liberals to stand by their values’ and talk about ‘Islamic extremists.’ (Deadline)

Free at last! Finally, an opportunity to freely and openly discuss the realities of Islam that many liberals are just unwilling to have.

Speaking of which, Islam is a religion and not a race; you’re not a racist if you criticize elements of Islam. You should’ve known that.

Bill really hit the nail on the head when he spoke of a note he received from a man following a stand-up show in Iowa.

Reading the note, Maher said: “Dear Bill Maher, watching your show I’ve heard you ask ‘where are the moderate Muslims?’ I am a former political prisoner from Saudi Arabia and the moderate Muslims are in jail.”

Watch the refreshingly honest and smart interview below:


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