WATCH: Bill Clinton Just DEMOLISHED An Idiotic Trump Stumper With The Truth (VIDEO)

One of the greatest things about Hillary Clinton running for president is we get to see President William Jefferson Clinton in action again. President Clinton is perhaps one of the finest public speakers of our time. He is not only concise and articulate, he’s quick-witted and funny.

When he was confronted by a Trump supporter at a rally recently, he was quick to jump into form. Sounding like the President we all know and love from his 1996 re-election campaign, Clinton took the opportunity of a Trump-supporting heckler at a rally for his wife and not only made the best of it but made The Donald and the Republican party look like complete tools in the process.

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It was truly glorious. When confronted with “you took his money,: Clinton came back with “yeah I did and I used it for my foundation better than he’s using it now, that’s for sure.”

It is a masterful two minutes of Bill Clinton you won’t soon forget.

Watch Bill Clinton school a Trump-supporting heckler on what a tool The Donald truly is below:

Featured image via screen capture

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