WATCH: Bill Clinton Has Been Wrecking Republican BS For Years And He Is Only Getting Angrier (VIDEO)

Boy they did it now. Republicans finally went too far, poked the bear and they are wearing honeycomb underpants.

Bill Clinton has been coming out swinging lately over Republican attacks on Hillary and their recent admittance that Benghazi was just a political stunt to lower her approval rating.

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Bill is no novice at completely destroying Republican bull$hit. He has been doing it expertly for years.

Chris Wallace had the nerve to try to do a political hit job on him, in an interview for Fox News during the later Bush years and it did NOT go well for Chris. Now they went and did it again. Republicans have been beating up Hillary for years over endless Benghazi hearings and fake email scandals.

I have to ask, are Republicans serious with this stuff? Do they have any recollection of what happened last time they pissed off Bill Clinton? To make it even worse, now they are going after his wife. Brilliant strategy!

Bring out the greatest politician of the modern age to completely and systematically destroy every single talking point, comment, opinion, and falsehood that you have. Do they SERIOUSLY want to do this again? God, they are dumb.

Watch the absolutely incredible take down that Bill Clinton did to Republicans and Fox News below:


Featured Image via Youtube Screen Capture

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