WATCH: Bill Clinton Crushes GOP For BS Attacks On His Wife Over Emails And Benghazi

When Fareed Zakaria interviewed Bill Clinton recently, he couldn’t help but start out by asking about the all-out assault on Hillary. Between emails, Benghazi, Benghazi, emails, Benghazi, emails and Benghazi, the GOP has been hard at work trying desperately to discredit Hillary Clinton, something her husband is very familiar with.

Former President Clinton knew in 1992 that the GOP was going to make a big deal out of Whitewater, something they still harp on to this day. He wasn’t worried, of course, because he had done nothing wrong. In the current political theater, Clinton points out the similarities between the attacks, taking it one step further and calling out the GOP for its abrasive and unnecessary attacks on his wife’s character.

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Clinton’s perspective is one that has rarely been heard. As an insider from the beginning, he reminds us how it was his wife’s own quest for public transparency that led to these “scandals” to begin with. He proves one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt: If you’re under the GOP microscope, you want Bill Clinton on your side.

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