WATCH: Bernie Sanders Threatens Wall Street In Fiery Speech,’We Will End Their Greed For Them!’ (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders is causing major headaches for Republicans due to the particular kind of populist message he is carrying during his campaign. He has nothing to lose because he is not attached to corporate money, allowing him to say whatever he wants to say. He also has been consistent in his message for the better part of 50 years, so it’s practically impossible to cause his supporters to doubt his integrity. This is scaring the hell out of the billionaire class and corporations.

Speaking just blocks from Wall Street, Bernie sent a shiver of fear up their spines when he laid out his opinions on how Wall Street does business.

Bernie finally said what we have been waiting to hear from a progressive leader for decades, “Fraud is the business model of Wall Street.”

He continued on to press for further regulations to not just reign in reckless gambling with other people’s money – which is a normal course of business these days – but also made a very vocal case for the criminal prosecution of the Wall Street money men that destroyed people’s lives, retirements and our nation’s economy.

Watch the segment of Bernie’s fiery speech below:

Now you can see why the idea of a Sanders’ presidency is what keeps Republicans up at night.

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Featured image via video screen capture.

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