WATCH: Bernie Sanders Takes Republicans To The Mat On REAL Family Values (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders lays out a plan for what he calls “real” family values. He points out that a large percentage of Americans are overworked, underpaid, underappreciated and unable to spend time with and care for their families.

He points out that the Republican Family Values include opposition to availability to birth control, opposition for a woman’s right to choose and opposition to LGBTQ equality. He reiterates that opposition to these things are not family values–anything but.

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Living wages, health care, paid sick leave and paid vacations are the building blocks to happy, healthy, secure families and the United State is the only major industrialized country on the planet that doesn’t support their workers in these very basic ways.

Sanders simply supports and proposes:

  • 12 weeks paid for parents to tend to newborn children
  • Paid sick leave for all sick employees, especially in food service industries
  • Guaranteed 10 days paid vacation for each employee every year

What kind of impact would it have on families if they made enough money to be comfortable? If they could spend time together as a couple or a family and work on their relationships and familial bonds? What if people weren’t so stressed out because they are working every minute that they aren’t sleeping–just to provide the bare necessities and nothing more?

A hundred years ago, workers took to the streets demanding a 40 hour work week. A hundred years ago. And here we are today living in a country which has seen an explosion of technology and an explosion of productivity and we still do not have the 40 hour work week.

People are working are 2, 3 or 4 jobs to cobble together income and some health care. The fact of the matter is that Americans work–by far–the longest hours of any major country on Earth: 137 hours a year more than workers in Japan, 260 hours more than the British and almost 500 hours a year more than French workers.

He takes questions at the end, including how this would all be paid for, and lays out simple and direct answers. He points out, passionately, the contradiction of Republican policies and how ludicrous and anti-family they really are.

WATCH the entire speech here:


Featured image is a screen capture from the video above.

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