Watch Bernie Sanders Stop His Speech To Rush To The Aid Of An Unconscious Supporter (VIDEO)

A campaign supporter of Bernie Sanders passed out on stage during a speech that the Democratic candidate was giving in New Hampshire. As soon as Bernie heard the loud crash, he immediately went into action.

Yelling “Oh my God!” Bernie didn’t think twice and left the podium mid-speech, running to the man’s side as others were also gathering. The speech was being held at the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union hall in Concord. The man who fainted was reported to be a union worker.

The video was recorded and posted to Vine by Frank Thorpe of NBC News. Thorpe added that the man “laid there for a bit before he was helped up and walked out of the room.”

Bernie not only stopped his speech, but he immediately reacted and went to the aid of the person. Do you think that Republicans would have done the same? What about Donald Trump? Perhaps he would have mocked the man or said he preferred supporters that were not prone to fainting?

Watch Bernie show just how awesome he is below:

Featured image from video screen capture

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