WATCH: Bernie Sander’s Sits Down With Larry Wilmore. Hilariously Covers The Issues (VIDEO)

In this hilarious skit on The Nightly Show, “Lee Daniels Soul Food Sit Down with Larry Wilmore,” Larry hosted Bernie Sanders in this epic short that covers some of the biggest questions of the race for the Democratic nomination. Bernie’s honesty and genuine deep sense of humor really shine through, while he answers the big question, “What is Democratic Socialism?” The show covers what Donald Trump brings to the race (a hat) and the ever present “Weekend at Bernie’s” jokes. It is hilarious when they are discussing how to get the Black Community “feeling the bern.” However, the best moment is when Bernie follows Larry’s instruction and says:

“Larry Wilmore told me to tell you that my plans for criminal justice reform are on fleek!

(For the rest of the old people in the room, it means hella good, exactly right, or as the Urban Dictionary puts it: The quality of being perfect, or on point.)

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If you have been wondering what kind of person this wild-haired, passionate, “for the people” politician is, you can find out by watching and sharing this great video.

Larry Wilmore is feeling the Bern:


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Featured image via screen capture from YouTube. 

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